10 Humorous Techie Shirt Slogans and Designs

Alright, I at all times speak about developing with some humorous shirt slogans or phrases that techies would in all probability respect. Should you proceed on studying, please have a really open humorousness. I primarily use stick figures on this checklist to simplify the ideas. Use your creativeness to visualise these ideas.

The slogan can be “Chicks dig guys with huge arduous drives” and the again of the shirt would present a stick determine holding a tough drive within the decrease spacewomens urban clothing online .

On the entrance of the shirt can be a stick determine on a rest room squeezing arduous with binary 0s and 1s overflowing on the perimeters of the bowl. The again of the shirt would learn “Packet Dump”.

The entrance of the shirt would present 2 stick figures. The male can have a smile on his face and the lady ought to have a frown. The pair’s fingers may even be reaching out separated by just a few inches. The slogan on the entrance of the shirt shall learn, “Connectivity Misplaced”.

I am unsure if anybody considered this concept, however really making a hat and shirt that goes along with a HTML theme. The hat would learn , the shirt would learn . I’ve seen folks with tattoos like this, however unsure if the fad ever made attire.

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