Have More Than One Credit Card?

Running out of cash while traveling abroad, at the same time you want to buy an item that you’ve been after a long time. Plus the store only accepts payments from X credit cards, or by using these credit cards you get a bigger discount. Unfortunately, X credit cards are not popular in Indonesia. This is often the reason someone has more than one credit card.

From this description, it can be seen the benefits of having more than one credit card. But keep in mind that the more credit cards mean the more burden on bills that must be borne. You should be aware of this if you have the desire to have more than one credit card. Having more than one credit card is fine as long as you know how to use it properly.

Different Cards, Different Usages


You can manage expenses if you have more than one credit card by separating them. Like for example, there are special cards for shopping for daily needs, electronics, gadgets and so on. I take the example of you having a credit card specifically for shopping at supermarkets because of large discounts, special credit cards for buying plane tickets, and so on. So you can monitor and monitor spending on each credit card, and be more vigilant if there are unwanted events.

Suppose you have a credit card X to shop for primary needs monthly at the supermarket, they have a special credit card Y for shopping for secondary items, such as gadgets and electronics and so on.

Well, if for example on the credit card bill there is the latest gadget purchase transaction, you will definitely be confused and must find out who is using the credit card account.

Take advantage of Reward Points

Take advantage of Reward Points

Credit cards always offer a gift within a certain period. If you have 1 credit card, it means there is 1 gift, then having many credit cards means you have more opportunities to get rewards from the credit card transaction.

Credit cards that offer many benefits for shopping at supermarkets or that offer reward points for purchasing gadgets and other electronic products can be used to get as many reward points as possible.

Point rewards offered by each credit card are different. For example, credit card X can be discounted at Café A and credit card Y can be discounted at Restaurant B. So if you want to have dinner you should use a credit card Y at Restaurant B. Then to chat over coffee at Café A using credit card X. If this is done, then unwittingly you already have many reward points from each credit card because it maximizes usage based on the rewards offered.

Another example, for example, you want to buy the latest gadget with 0% interest installment facilities and cashback. It turns out that the facility only applies to credit cards X which happens to be one of the credit cards they have. Then the card can automatically be used to transact and get 0% interest installment facilities and cashback services.

Each credit card gives a different reward. For example this semester there is a camera reward from credit card X if it is able to collect a total of 2,500 points. If you want the reward, you should focus on using X credit cards to transact until you accumulate 2,500 points. For the next semester, please check the program of all credit cards that you have, because each semester the reward can change.

Use as a backup card, when the main card is lost

Use as a backup card, when the main card is lost

All people certainly do not want to experience sudden events that do not wear, such as: when having to pay for an item, it turns out a credit card problem, such as falling, stolen or even left at home.

If you experience this, then you must report the missing credit card, then block and secure the credit card. But taking care of a lost credit card and getting a replacement is apparently not enough for a day or two.

If you have more than 1 credit card, then there are other alternatives in paying for the desired item with the card. While waiting for a replacement card from the lost credit card, you can use another credit card to transact.

Symptoms of Credit Card Addiction and How to Overcome It

Having a credit card and using it often makes you complacent. With pleasure, you will always shop, buy this and that, no matter how many groceries bills go into debt. If it continues, over time it can be detrimental and endanger your financial condition.

Easy and practical, two words that describe the advantages of using a credit card. The use of credit cards lately is increasing. Of course, coupled with a number of attractive offers and programs from credit cards in circulation. If you use it wisely and make good use of all the programs and offers in it, it feels like a credit card is not a burden on your finances. But, in fact, most people don’t use it wisely. Your times are included.

Feeling Alright Even though Debt Swells

Feeling Alright Even though Debt Swells

Using a credit card without wise judgment and calculation only brings disaster to your finances. If this has happened, chances are you have experienced addiction in using credit cards. Here are the symptoms that appear from people who are addicted to credit cards.

There are many people who are shocked or distrustful when they see their credit card bills. In fact, the credit card is used by him in the absence of other additional cards.

However, not a few of them told themselves that everything was fine. Regardless of the number of bills that continue to swell and threaten its finances later. Obviously this is a fatal mistake. Being calm in the face of increasingly large bills appears to be a naive attitude. This problem will not end if these vices repeat again and again.

Always grumble and upset when a credit card is lost

When a credit card is lost, without a long wait you immediately call the bank and ask for a new card replacement. Even though this business has been resolved and resolved well, you always grumble and upset yourself. You also become uneasy and impatient waiting for a new credit card. Moreover, the time of your credit card loss coincides with shopping promos with a credit card.

Easily tempted to add a new credit card

Easily tempted to add a new credit card

There are many people who have credit cards so that the blank space in their wallet is no longer empty. Whenever a credit card is offered from another bank, they are immediately interested and hope to have it soon. This is a serious problem. Because adding a new credit card and continuing to use it without control accelerates the collapse of someone financially.

Underestimate the Credit Card Interest

Indifferent to the amount of credit card interest and always shop using a credit card. Of course, this is not a problem if you always pay the full bill every month. Conversely, if it turns out you are accustomed to delinquent bills, the interest will look like terrible cancer, right?

Easily tempted with discounts

You always see discounts as the toughest trials in life. In fact, the discount is not for items that you really need. Unable to hold back, you then swipe a credit card to be able to enjoy the discount and get the item that is not too important. This is also a mistake, moreover, the discount must be obtained with a number of other conditions.

Overcome Right


The various problems above might just happen to you as a credit cardholder. While this can still be overcome with appropriate preventive measures. Below are some actions you can take.

Understand and Admit Your Problem

Don’t be shy and cover up your problems by answering everything is fine. Swelling credit card bills are a serious threat to your finances. Need proper handling to overcome this. Understand the problem and acknowledge that your finances are in trouble.

That way, the desire to improve and change is even greater. Don’t make yourself look innocent when shopping with a credit card that has not been paid. Because this will create new and new problems.

Overcome Carefully

The number of credit cards that you have may not necessarily provide the benefits that you are really looking for. Therefore, it is very important to look at which cards are really useful to you. Having a lot of credit cards has the potential to turn you into a wasteful person.

Especially if the credit card offerings are different from one another. Just select one card and close the other. Use these credit cards wisely and carefully so that your needs are truly met.

Bank offers a fixed rate loans for everyone.

Not so long ago, fixed-rate loans were very rare loan offers. This was before the introduction of the consumer credit directive in 2010, when the banks were allowed to advertise their loans with enticing low interest rates. These low interest rates usually had little in common with the actual interest on a loan, which is why it was often referred to as decoy offers. However, the consumer credit directive made it mandatory for banks to name the actual loan rate, which is why fixed interest rates on loans have been offered again since then.

Fixed-rate loans protect against surprises

Fixed-rate loans protect against surprises

The fixed interest rate has the great advantage, of course, that you know the amount of the repayments exactly and that you don’t suddenly have less money available due to interest rate increases. This means that your own budget can be planned over the entire term of the loan and you know the conditions right from the start. A loan with a fixed interest rate is therefore particularly worthwhile in times of low interest rates, where an early rate hike can be expected.

The interest rates for a loan with a fixed interest rate vary widely and are sometimes assigned depending on the credit rating. Therefore, the interest is sometimes given in a range of 3.00 to 12.99% – with a very good credit rating, you can look forward to a lower interest rate, while a poor credit rating leads to a very high interest rate. In addition, one should pay attention to whether the loans with fixed interest are stated with the amount of the nominal interest or the so-called effective interest. Because only the effective interest rates are really meaningful here, since they take into account all factors influencing the total interest rate.

Requirements for the loan with fixed interest

Requirements for the loan with fixed interest

As with all other loans, the borrower needs a good credit rating on the one hand, which is usually checked by Credit Bureau. If the loan is still granted despite poor creditworthiness and the interest rate rises as a result, the pros and cons of such a loan must be weighed up. In this case, a credit-independent loan may be the right choice, but this usually results in a generally high interest rate level. In addition, of course, your own income also plays a role, because only with a regular income can loans with fixed interest rates be granted. The amount of the loan depends on the amount of income, with the loan amounts at most banks between USD 1,000 and USD 75,000.

Debt restructuring when interest rates fall

Debt restructuring when interest rates fall

If you have agreed on a loan with fixed interest rates at a time when the interest rate is relatively high and the general interest rate falls significantly at some point, then this is very annoying in most cases. But there is still the option of rescheduling, in which the remaining loan amount is paid off with a new loan contract.

Finance your real estate purchase

Your Fine Bank advisor intervenes fully at this stage to negotiate with banks the best offer on the market!

He keeps you informed at all times and remains at your disposal. We only leave you when you have signed your loan offer and the funds are in place to make your real estate purchase project a reality.

To each his own rate


Which rate should you choose? This is a very common question. Here is what we can teach you, technically, about the two main types of rates used in France.

The fixed-rate

You are not a big manager at heart, you like stable things, and you think “security” above all: the fixed-rate seems quite suitable for your project.
As the name suggests, it will not undergo any variation from the beginning to the end of the repayment of the credit. On the other hand, you will not benefit from potential gains if the rates were to fall.

The variable rate


This type of rate makes it possible to envisage downward variations and therefore potentially significant gains. You will then be recommended to follow the rate fluctuations carefully. This is obviously a less secure configuration than a fixed rate, but it allows you to make big savings on your reimbursements.

In all cases, a renegotiation of your loan will always be possible and will allow you to request the establishment of a fixed rate.

Your advisor will work with you to assess the different aspects of each rate and help you make the right choice.

To each his loan


Putting in place a mortgage, that is reflected. You must, of course, take into account your resources, your lifestyle, but also assess your current financial management. We will be there to direct you to the formula that best suits your situation.

Remember that a home loan will have a certain weight on your budget, but should not be a burden to carry for the next fifteen or twenty years!

The fixed-rate amortizable loan


It is the type of loan most commonly used by French individuals. The notion of depreciable credit means that there is a schedule of planned repayments of borrowed capital. You are of course required to honor each deadline.

In short, with this fixed-rate version, you are guaranteed to be able to repay a monthly payment with a stable amount, month after month, until the end of your loan.

The amortized loan at a fixed rate

It is the same principle as for the depreciable loan at a fixed rate.

The difference is that you opt here for a rate that will vary according to the fluctuations of the real estate market. The notion of the “capped” rate nevertheless allows you not to see it soar and exceed a certain threshold. It is a kind of railing that will give you some security.

The mixed formula

This is a formula that will allow you to go from a variable rate to a fixed rate.

Your first three to seven years of repayment start on a fixed rate, at a rate which is often advantageous, before switching to a capped variable rate which will follow the fluctuations of the real estate market.
It is a flexible formula that suits many borrower profiles.

The loan in fine

Mainly reserved for individuals benefiting from strong resources and for investors, this loan allows you to repay only the interest that you owe to the bank at first.

You then place, on life insurance, for example, the total amount of the property purchased. When the loan matures, you can then honor the capital borrowed with this investment in one go.

Currency loan on the border area

Currency loan on the border area

For example, if you buy a property in Switzerland, this formula may interest you.

The currency loan will allow you to make a property purchase abroad (in the border area) while staying in a French bank. However, be careful with the limited choice in loan insurance: some organizations only insure on amounts borrowed in dollars.