Creating The Perfect Guideline to sell car online UAE or in Dubai

What’s actually running in seller’s mind:

Moving out of the country because of work or other personal reasons and can’t take your baby along with you? Or does the new job promotion actually mean that you want to treat yourself to an upgrade? How do I draw in potential buyers when I am looking to sell car onlineuae or in Dubai? It’s question that’s probably running in many car seller’s minds. Take it from us, it’s just all about putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes! In that vein, let’s us craft a few steps how to create perfect ad to sell car online UAE or in Dubai.

Comprehensive checklist to sell car online uae:

Follow this comprehensive checklist by crazycarcorner to make thousands more when you sell car online uae or in Dubai.

1)Set a fair price:

Do some research and get a little bit information to figure out how much you should actually ask for? Typically, cars in Dubai depreciate at 15-25 percent per year but you can also go and check at few of the online car listing sites like Dubizzle to narrow down that range. Build a little bit of buffer for soft negotiation before advertising used cars for sale.

2)Spread the word everywhere:

The traditional European way of putting up a sign on your used car for sale is just going to get you some fine. Get the word out on the street everywhere through newspapers, all the available online forums, notice boards at supermarkets and even the magazines. You should also think about listing the used cars on listing services but will cost you AED 200.If you want to sell car to a dealer or crazycarcorner, expect a large discount compared to what a customer or a prospective buyer might be willing to pay. There is a culture found in UAE residents that they can easily spin their used hand wheels just for cash.

3)Find out or weed out prospective buyers in market:

It is possible no doubt that you might get a lot of useless calls, with some making ridiculous low ball offers and others may ask for the irrelevant questions before hanging up to sell car online uae. Serious or potential buyers would want to come to see the used car thoroughly, so try toblock out a single day where you can ask potential buyers to show up. Some of the buyers would want to take the used car for test drive. Start with them throughout to avoid rash driving or worse your used car might have been stolen. You should also learn some test drive etiquettes that might help you to seal the deal safely.

4)Lock in the deal ultimately:

People of UAE may commit to buying the used car but don’t lock yourself in the deal until someone pays a deposit of almost AED 2000-3000, if paid should be sufficient.

5)Before showing used car for sale at RTA:

Clear out all the outstanding fines, since the RTA would not allow transfer of ownership to new owner without this. Clear any pending fines also against your used car –don’t let any outstanding fine result in a wasting day. You can also check for any remaining pending fines using the Dubai Police website.

6)What to do on RTA day:

On the actual day of the sale, you surely need to be present at the RTA along with the used car buyer. Make sure that you and the buyer have your original Emirates ID, passport copy, visa copy and also valid UAE driving license. You should also need to have RTA test done-if your used car fails the test completely, expect the serious buyer to renegotiate. Also, finally make sure that buyer brings cash or manager’s check to close the sale and seal the deal. Never sign the transfer basically without a check and don’t ever accept a personal check also to sell car online uae.

On the other hand, if you want yourself to skip out all the hassles involved in selling off your used car, you can also make use of crazycarcorner for a hassle free experience in finding certainly a new home for your next ride.

We will take care of the entire process:

We will manage the calls, the scheduling and all the haggling and we will even take over the whole RTA process so it’s done right for the very first time.

-You can get more also:Skip out all the fancy showrooms and sketchy middlemen and sell car online uae directly to the buyers.

-We inspect and warranty your used car:We generally carry out a comprehensive 200-point inspection and slap on a 3-month free warranty without asking for any kind of charges. This should also help to attract serious buyers towards your used car.

This is how you can easily create a perfect guideline and following which all the residents of Dubai or uae will be able to sell car online uae. To sell car online uae, one can’t find a better platform than crazycarcorner where you can sell your used car in any condition without any mental hurdle. Just need to contact us, we will make sure of all the necessary paperwork.

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