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There are no perfect loans

There are no perfect loans

That is how simple things are, whoever looks for perfect loans will tell you that you are just wasting time. Because as such there is no type of credit that is considered perfect by everyone. This financing does not exist, another thing is that each one of us has a different idea of ​​what a perfect loan is.

For some they will be all those fast credits with success rates above 99%. Others, on the other hand, may think that the ideal financing is that which does not take into account the debts in Financial Credit Institution. And so with everything, this is the reality in the financial sector.

In this way, those who seek to sign perfect credits in the end what they do is waste time. On the other hand, if they look for the financing that best suits their needs, then we see it differently.

All of us who may need money look for something specific given our financial, economic and employment situation. Therefore what for one may be the ideal credit for another may be the worst.

What are the perfect loans for us?

What are the perfect loans for us?

In our opinion they are all those that allow us to satisfy the needs of the clients. In this way we can consider the following as this financing:

  1. Quick online credits

For all those people who are looking for money instantly there is no doubt that this is the best. They can be signed in minutes, also having minimum requirements. Therefore, when recommending this financing, we will always do so from the point of view of speed.

  1. Loans being in default

If you are in any list of defaulters such as the Financial Credit Institution, it is evident that this is the financing for you. As well as few are the credits that can be obtained with Financial Credit Institution these on the contrary were created for it. To leave the Financial Credit Institution, cancel debts or simply obtain financing while on the register are the ideal.

  1. Financing within the banking system

Do you find it strange that we say this considering that we offer loans between individuals? There is nothing strange, especially when the first two loans are signed by private equity companies . The good thing about banks is that due to conditions they have no competition. If you are looking for cheap money this would be our recommendation.

Financial companies that claim to offer loans

Financial companies that claim to offer loans

So we can continue all day, you understand? Because there are people who have the feeling that there are perfect credits in the market? In our opinion it is the fault of the internet and the way in which the financial companies announce their loans. We see how there are financial companies that claim to offer loans without payroll, in minutes and also with Financial Credit Institution.  And of course, this as such is not real. They can have unpaid loans, loans with Financial Credit Institution and in minutes but they do not have any that meet all three.

There is no credit in the market that can be obtained with Financial Credit Institution, without demonstrable income and in minutes except perhaps we mini-loan. And even then these almost never get approved in case of being in Financial Credit Institution.  For things like these is that later there are people who believe that there are perfect loans.

Furthermore, the client’s point of view is always different from the financial one. For a client, the perfect loan is one with a minimum interest rate, in the long term, where also its approval rate is 100%. For the financial company, the perfect credit is one whose default rate is 0%, and is also managed by the Internet and with high interest rates.  As you can see at the end, everyone has a different opinion about this.

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