Suggestions For Hanging Your Copper Pot Rack

When hanging your copper pot rack, there are a couple of points to think about that may make hanging your pot rack a hit, and never a future hazard. Your first concern must be what is going to assist it. You have to enough assist for the burden of the rack and all of the pots and pans hanging from it. Establish the positions of the place the hanging factors can be and find any close by joist (ceiling beam). Typical drywall ceiling joists are situated 16 inches aside. You’ll want to find the middle of the joist and drill pilot holes of satisfactory dimension to your screw hooks Kitchen Storage with 10 Hooks B07M7JJ9Y6.

Warning – by no means hold a pot rack from drywall alone! Drywall is not going to assist the burden of the rack or the added weight of the pots and pans and may change into a falling hazard.

Take into account subsequent the cupboards and doorways close to your hanging house. Will all of them open after you have your rack hanging and the pots and pans have been added? Nothing will annoy you greater than banging pots with the pantry door each time you open it. Doorways or cupboards that hit pans when open may trigger objects to drop out of your pot rack or trigger the rack to swing or weaken helps.

An extra consideration when hanging your pot rack is top and head clearance. You have to to keep in mind the size of the pots and pans you may be hanging. The peak of the rack could be sufficient when empty however could change into an impediment as soon as the pots and pans are suspended. One other concern with top is with the ability to comfortably attain the pots and pans as soon as they’re hung. A rack that’s situated too excessive will rapidly change into a problem if you have to use a step ladder each time you need a pan.

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