Symptoms of Credit Card Addiction and How to Overcome It

Having a credit card and using it often makes you complacent. With pleasure, you will always shop, buy this and that, no matter how many groceries bills go into debt. If it continues, over time it can be detrimental and endanger your financial condition.

Easy and practical, two words that describe the advantages of using a credit card. The use of credit cards lately is increasing. Of course, coupled with a number of attractive offers and programs from credit cards in circulation. If you use it wisely and make good use of all the programs and offers in it, it feels like a credit card is not a burden on your finances. But, in fact, most people don’t use it wisely. Your times are included.

Feeling Alright Even though Debt Swells

Feeling Alright Even though Debt Swells

Using a credit card without wise judgment and calculation only brings disaster to your finances. If this has happened, chances are you have experienced addiction in using credit cards. Here are the symptoms that appear from people who are addicted to credit cards.

There are many people who are shocked or distrustful when they see their credit card bills. In fact, the credit card is used by him in the absence of other additional cards.

However, not a few of them told themselves that everything was fine. Regardless of the number of bills that continue to swell and threaten its finances later. Obviously this is a fatal mistake. Being calm in the face of increasingly large bills appears to be a naive attitude. This problem will not end if these vices repeat again and again.

Always grumble and upset when a credit card is lost

When a credit card is lost, without a long wait you immediately call the bank and ask for a new card replacement. Even though this business has been resolved and resolved well, you always grumble and upset yourself. You also become uneasy and impatient waiting for a new credit card. Moreover, the time of your credit card loss coincides with shopping promos with a credit card.

Easily tempted to add a new credit card

Easily tempted to add a new credit card

There are many people who have credit cards so that the blank space in their wallet is no longer empty. Whenever a credit card is offered from another bank, they are immediately interested and hope to have it soon. This is a serious problem. Because adding a new credit card and continuing to use it without control accelerates the collapse of someone financially.

Underestimate the Credit Card Interest

Indifferent to the amount of credit card interest and always shop using a credit card. Of course, this is not a problem if you always pay the full bill every month. Conversely, if it turns out you are accustomed to delinquent bills, the interest will look like terrible cancer, right?

Easily tempted with discounts

You always see discounts as the toughest trials in life. In fact, the discount is not for items that you really need. Unable to hold back, you then swipe a credit card to be able to enjoy the discount and get the item that is not too important. This is also a mistake, moreover, the discount must be obtained with a number of other conditions.

Overcome Right


The various problems above might just happen to you as a credit cardholder. While this can still be overcome with appropriate preventive measures. Below are some actions you can take.

Understand and Admit Your Problem

Don’t be shy and cover up your problems by answering everything is fine. Swelling credit card bills are a serious threat to your finances. Need proper handling to overcome this. Understand the problem and acknowledge that your finances are in trouble.

That way, the desire to improve and change is even greater. Don’t make yourself look innocent when shopping with a credit card that has not been paid. Because this will create new and new problems.

Overcome Carefully

The number of credit cards that you have may not necessarily provide the benefits that you are really looking for. Therefore, it is very important to look at which cards are really useful to you. Having a lot of credit cards has the potential to turn you into a wasteful person.

Especially if the credit card offerings are different from one another. Just select one card and close the other. Use these credit cards wisely and carefully so that your needs are truly met.

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